• 34 minutes ago

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Twitter, say bye to your normal lives @LuxrygiveawayNE @TeachAspire 👌 enjoy

  • 2 hours ago

    @juneroughead "have an omelette" me "nah I've had eggs today" June "we'll have cheese and mushroom in it" me "but that's still eggs" hahahah

  • 5 hours ago

    UNREAL fish and chips today at @ColmansSeafood the bottle of "Swinging Gibbet" wasn't half bad either , 5 Star #MustTry

  • yesterday

    @GlenRoughead: If you go out the house in your Pyjamas , by law you should receive a jab in the face... #Fact

  • yesterday

    RT @lNVENTlONS: LED costume for kids